A scaled up hot water tank is less efficient using more energy to heat water, resulting in higher bills.

Lime scale is a good insulator so your heating system has to work harder to heat for your home increasing bills.

Fewer cleaning products required with no scale or scum marks around the home saving time and money.

Sinks, taps, shower screens and bathrooms will keep scale free no more limescale removers required.

Up to 75% reduction in the amount of detergents used only one tablespoon of washing powder per wash is required.

Soft water acts as a natural conditioner for fabrics so no need for fabric conditioner.

With no scale clogging up your washing machine, dishwasher etc. extend the life of your appliances.

No need to purchase any products that descale kettles or harsh cleaning products that fight scale damage.
Enjoy beautifully clear cups of tea and coffee

Use less soap and bubble bath to get a lovely rich lather and bigger bubbles.

Reduce household shopping bills with soft water you use less washing powder, toiletries and have no need for expensive lime scale removers.

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