Before Softened Water

Shower screen covered in limescale

Shower heads constantly need descaling otherwise water flow will be compromised

Scale deposits will form on taps

Harsh chemicals needed to remove limescale

The copper cylinder scales up. This makes it work harder and become less efficient.

Scaled pipes can greatly reduce efficiency and the flow of water in your home

A scaled kettle not only looks unsightly but scale will get into your hot drinks which is unpleasant

After Softened Water

No Unsightly limescale, your shower screen will just need a wipe over.

They will spray like new

No crusty scale deposits on taps – only a quick wipe needed to keep them sparkling

Sinks are easy to clean and stay shiny

Softened water keeps your cylinder clear of scale. It will even dissolve away any existing scale.

Pipes will gradually descale with soft water

A scale free kettle makes your drinks crystal clear

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