Washing Powder for Soft Water

Most washing powders contain chemicals that exist solely to remove hard water minerals from your water supply before washing your clothes.

When you invest in a water softener, your device will remove these minerals from your water supply and so you’ll no longer need to use conventional washing powders to do this job.

We have developed a washing powder specifically for soft water homes, it’s kinder to your clothes and your skin.

Benefits of TwinTec washing powder :

washing power

  • Softer and brighter clothing.
  • Brilliant whiteness.
  • Naturally softening.
  • Kind to the skin.
  • Better for the environment.
  • No fabric conditioner required.
  • Easy Pour dispenser.
  • Non bio.

Our unique dosing bottle design has the capacity for 60 washes

One bottle (60 washes)


3 Bottles


Note: these can only be ordered when ordering salt.

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