Basingstoke is well known to be one town with the hardest water in the region. In fact, in a recent survey, it was revealed that the Basingstoke area had the hardest water in the UK.
If you live in or around Basingstoke, you may find that your water tastes a little odd or that you frequently need to de-scale your kettle and appliances.
If you are unsatisfied with this situation or simply want to find out how hard the water is in your area please simply fill in the site survey form.


What Our Customer Say…

“Dear Mr Goody,
I’m delighted to be a customer/owner of a ‘Twin-tec’ Water Softener System. We’ve had the ‘Twin-tec” installed for two years, and what a difference that has made to our use of water in that time.
So okay why is this product so good?
1) Easy to install, and in our case re-install following an installation of a new kitchen. The first installation  
     took no time at all; the Plumber arrived on time, cracked on completing the installation well within the
     allotted time.
When the ‘Twin-tec’ was re-installed the Plumber from the kitchen installation company was equally as quick as the first installation. However on the second installation the fit was designed for easier access, which has made life even easier.
2) No electrics! Being an Electrician by training I appreciate that water and electrics don’t mix!!! 
    The ‘Twin-tec’ operates on water pressure only; brilliant.
3) It’s so quiet you forget its there.
4) Saving money year-on-year. Even when taking into account the cost of the salt the savings really add up. Typically; the biggie: NO SALT NEEDED FOR THE DISHWASHER, bathroom soap and shampoo actually
goes further. Washing Powder/Liquid goes further too. Kettles take a lot less time (power) to boil; you don’t have to heat the scale first because there isn’t any!!! Same applies to the hot water system. In the first year we saved £64, this year’s savings will be even higher.
5) Kitchen, Bathrooms, and Kettle stay cleaner; you’re not cleaning away the limescale any more. 
(I suppose that is indirectly another cost saving.) 
Although I haven’t seen the pipes the system is cleaning the build up of scale out. How do I know? After the installation of the Kitchen a sizable lump of scale came out of the tap. This process of depleting the scale is ongoing as the system runs.
To repeat myself; I’m delighted. If I had to score the system; 10 out of 10!
The hardware is only half the story. Mr Kevin Goody provides a fantastic whole life service. The sales pitch over two years ago was the most relaxed sales I’ve ever experienced. Kevin Goody said at the time that the system sells itself, and as I’ve illustrated in points 1-5; it does (Many times over!). Kevin Goody is only a ‘phone call away for the replenishment of the salt. Delivery is within a couple of days. When we moved the
‘Twin-tec’ as part of the Kitchen upgrade; Kevin Goody was there to provide support, both material (new plumbing parts), and technical advice. I like doing business with a friendly person, not an impersonal 
Company, for me Kevin Goody’s approach wins every time.
What I’ve learnt from buying the ‘Twin-tec’ is that I didn’t know I NEEDED one; until now. There’s no way I would be without one!”
Neville, Basingstoke – January 2014

“We had a water softener fitted by Kevin Goody (UK Water Softeners) and his team and were so impressed by their quality of service and the product, when we moved house we had them fit another one in the new property.
Their process end to end was professional, polite, efficient, timely, neat and tidy. From Kevin’s initial survey and quote, to Robs quality installation.
The twintec softener they fitted is smaller, more effective, quieter and uses less salt. I would have no hesitation in using them and this product again.
I would recommend them to anyone considering having a softener fitted.”
Andrew, Basingstoke – November 2013

Thank you for the receipt you sent for the water softener.
We are really pleased with it,
We really notice a difference in the water.
The water is so much softer and it has even helped with my burning mouth syndrome.
Mr & Mrs Hopkins – Basingstoke – May 2013