In 1983 Kevin purchased his first water softener. Having lived in Yateley, Hants for many years, he was fed up with limescale in the house. It was causing problems with shower heads, domestic appliances and worst of all his son’s skin,  Andrew is an eczema sufferer. Despite all this, he hadn’t thought of doing anything about it until a leaflet came through the door about Harvey Water Softeners showing the benefits of softened water. Kevin was so impressed with the product he decided to get a water softener installed for his home.


Twelve years later. Kevin decided on a career change and due to being so impressed with the performance of the Water Softener, he approached Harvey’s to see if they would offer him a dealership, which they did and in 1995 UK Water Softeners was launched. Kevin had the ideal tools for success, the best selling water softener in the country, a plumber with many years experience of fitting water softeners and superb manufacturer service back up.


In the last 24 years UK Water Softeners have sold over 6000 water softeners. They excel in after-sales care which is reflected in many referrals and recommendations. Once people witness the benefits of softened water in their own home they are as impressed as Kevin was back in 1983.


Since 1995 the product has undergone significant development work and is now designed and manufactured entirely in the UK.


“I am a very proud father watching both children take over the reigns of UK Water Softeners following my retirement. My son Andrew is a manufactured trained service engineer/installer and daughter Sarah was the Sales Manager for TwinTec.” – Kevin Goody.

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