It’s a simple process that works through ion exchange

Our non electric water softeners are designed to soften all of the water in your household, apart from any hard water feeds you may require. With two tanks, the water softener is able to clean itself and give you softened water at the same time. As well as having great capacity, the twin tank design ensures the best quality water possible for your household. Soft Water 24/7!

The process of softening your water is called iron exchange. It is simply the resin in the tanks that trap the calcium and magnesium, (hardness minerals), and so providing softened water throughout your home. When one tank needs regenerating, it does this using a minimal amount of water. It takes just 11 minutes, with no disruption to your system as the second cylinder carries on supplying your home.

As well as being a quiet process, all of our systems are powered by your water pressure, which means if you go on holiday it does nothing until you return. There is no wasting of salt and water like other systems that use electric controls.


The benefits are extensive. As well as descaling any scale damage in the property, and making cleaning a dream, it actually saves you money.

No dishwasher salt is required anymore. There is up to 75% savings on many everyday products, such as washing powder, fabric conditioner, not to mention no more scale removers!

We have also helped many individuals with their skin complaints over the years, with the introduction of soft water.

The whole process is powered by your own water pressure and does not need an electrical supply.

Harvey softeners Internals graphic showing functional design

What is the difference between Non-electric & Electric water softeners?

TwinTec S4 water softener getting filled with block salt

Its so simple all you have to do is load with salt

It has been made as simple as possible to look after your water softener. With no clocks or timers to set, the machine is just simply powered by your water pressure. There is nothing to do other than to load with salt! The design of the block  salt or mini curved options have made salt loading really simple. No scooping of loose tablet salt or granules. Just pop a block of salt in when needed.

All of our products come with transparent lids, so that you can keep an eye on your salt at just a glance. No more lifting of the lid to see if you need to refill your salt. Some of the cabinets we do, come with red line indicators and smart technology, to let you know when top ups are required.

  • Convenient, easy to carry packs of block salt or mini block salt
  • Much easier to handle than loose tablet salt bags
  • Typical usage is one block, or two mini curved blocks of salt per person per month
  • Clear lid makes it easy for you to check your salt

Sounds good, what happens next?

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