TwinTec S4 Water Softener by Harveys

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TwinTec S4 Water Softener

Perfectly tailored to the UK Market. The TwinTec S4 Water Softener is manufactured by Harvey Softeners and has the most up to date technology and design. As well as being twin cylinder, non electric, this model has a solid white cabinet with a clear lid for your salt viewing. A red line has been engineered into the salt chamber to indicate when you need to refill your salt. All you have to do is fill with Block Salt, it is so simple.

Cobalt Water Softener by Harveys

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TwinTec S5 Cobalt Water Softener

This Water Softener is also manufactured by Harvey Softeners. The Cobalt has the same technology as the TwinTec S4 but with a new feature, the smart I lid. Battery and wifi operated the I lid monitors your salt levels, sending you top up reminders to your smart devices. However If you would rather have a sound alarm as supposed to alerts to your smart device, then no problem. Just let us know your preference. The cabinet is eco friendly and made from 62% recycled plastic. It is also slimmer than other models, allowing more installation opportunities. The ease of loading mini curved salt blocks is down to it weighing half of the weight of a traditional block of salt.

Kinetico Infinity T4 Water Softener

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Infinity T4 Water Softener

The Infinity T4 is manufactured by Kinetico who produced the first non-electric, twin cylinder, block salt water softener that came to the UK Market, Kinetico has nearly 50 years manufacturing experience behind it. We have been selling the Kinetico product for nearly 30 years. The Infinity T4’s cabinet has been uniquely engineered to look sleek and modern, with practicality in mind, like the clear lid for easy salt viewing. There is no need to lift the lid! All you do is fill with Block Salt.

Kinetico Ultra Water Softener

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Infinity Ultra Water Softener

The Infinity Ultra manufactured by Kinetico is perfect for Larger domestic and small commercial properties. Designed for maximum flow capacity, this water softener is very economical. With minimum water used for regeneration and equally efficient on salt the Infinity Ultra is a great choice compared with other, larger water softeners. Due to the large salt compartment, you can top up your salt less regularly than the smaller units. This model is compatible with block or tablet salt. A family of 4 would need to top up the salt roughly every 1.5 months. The Infinity Ultra is compatible with any heating system, and works well in low to high pressure environments.

TwinTec XL2 Water Softener by Harveys

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TwinTec XL2 Water Softener

The Harveys TwinTec XL2 is catered for large domestic and small commercial properties. It has a unique two cabinet design making installation so easy. Not only can the two cabinets can be stacked on top of each other, but you have options to install at a distance apart, giving you much more flexibility if space is a concern. Salt storage is great with the TwinTec XL2, with the salt cabinet comfortably storing 6 blocks of salt at a time.