A collection of old water softeners

There are many reasons why you may want to upgrade your current water softener. One of the many lovely things about running a nearly 30 year old business, is that our original customers come back to us for upgrades. They want the same water softener again, but just want to upgrade to the latest version. When you have had a product running well for such a long time in your household you wouldn’t want anything else.

Reasons you may want to upgrade.

  • Do you have a fault with your existing water softener, or been quoted a costly repair?
  • You have had your water softener for a long time and would like the newest technology?
  • Efficiency – does your current water softener use a lot of water to regenerate? Does it clean unnecessarily due to timers/clock controls? Do you like the idea of a non electric water softener powered by your water pressure?
  • Salt usage – Fed up of lifting heavy bags of tablet or granular salt and would like to move to the easier block/mini curved salt blocks?
  • Are you paying for a regular service agreement? Many electric water softeners require annual servicing which over time can be very costly.
  • Fed up with poor customer service? Have you brought an off the shelf product where you can not get the support or you have been quoted a very high price for a service call or part repairs?
  • The water quality is not as good as you expected. Again this can be due to the type of water softener you have. You can find many customer reviews from those who have moved from Electric to a Non Electric water softener and noticed how much better the water quality is. Noticeable differences makes cleaning easier, products go further and bathing is more luxurious.

Read our customer Reviews

“Andrew replaced my 20 year old water softener with a new one this afternoon after my phone call this morning. Fitted and tested complete with new pipes and fittings even included some free salt blocks. Very impressed with the polite and professional workmanship. UK Water Softeners have installed softeners to several properties around me and my neighbours have been very pleased with the quality and reliability of the equipment.”

I am interested in Upgrading my water softener what do I do next?

Book a no obligation survey so we can check over the plumbing and show you the products, you can email support@uk-water-softeners.co.uk or call on 01276 27924. We will look forward to hearing from you.