The Fleet Pond. One of Hampshire’s ‘Hidden Gems’

The name Fleet was probably derived from the Norman French word ‘La Flete’ meaning a stream or shallow water – a reference to the Fleet Pond from which fish had been taken for the monks in Winchester in Medieval times. Whilst the feet pond represents one of Hampshire’s ‘Hidden Gems’, the local water supply is not as enjoyable as it provides hard water. That is to say, water that sometimes tastes odd and leads to a large amount of scale build-up on appliances.

If you are unsatisfied with this situation or simply want to find out how hard the water is in your area please simply fill in the site survey form.


What Our Customer Say…

“We have been a customers since 2005 when Kevin Goody installed a Twintec softener in our house; the installation was carried out swiftly and effectively with a minimum of disruption to the normal running of the home. The benefits of the softer water were immediately apparent with the disappearance of lime scale around taps and the washing machine producing outstanding results. On moving to a new house in a hard water area in Hampshire the first thing that we had installed was a Twintec softener which has functioned perfectly and prevented accrual of lime scale in any part of the plumbing system in the house. We have been so impressed by the softener that we arranged for Twintec softeners to be installed by Kevin Goody’s company in two other properties in hard water areas where the reduction of lime scale and feel of the water in baths and showers was remarkable.

On each occasion that we have called on Kevin Goody for another installation we have received a fast and efficient service to the household and a remarkable reduction in the hardness of the water in the house. In the one property that we had without a softener we have just had to renew the central heating boiler and descale all of the water fittings and shower glass.

The salt blocks, which are the only consumable in the system, are delivered promptly (within 48hrs) on a phone call so that we have never run out.”

AJC – Elvetham Heath, Fleet, March 2013

“In 2007 I finally had enough! The constant cleaning and use of mountains of expensive cleaning products had to stop! when our newly fitted designer sink tap clogged up with limescale after just three months, even my husband was sold on the idea of a water softener.

Not only does limescale leave a nasty grey film everywhere water is concerned, it also cloggs up pipes and causes heating systems to break down, makes heating more expensive, and damages appliances like washing machines. But I was not going to put up with it any longer!

My research on the web led right back to Kevin Goody from UK Water Softeners, who all along had been advertising with my Elvetham Heath Directory and my new Fleet Life magazine I had come to the conclusion that if we were going to take this step, I wanted to make the right choice, I wanted to make sure that the water softener regenerated when it needed to, not when the clock was set, especially as we are on a water meter! Combined with the fact that I did not really want to have to lug around a 25kg bag of salt when reloading, the TwinTec was the perfect choice. It requires no electricity and on average we use 1 pack of salt per month which is two 4kg blocks.
Kevin Goody arranged everything from the initial survey to the installation. His service was excellent and my water softener was installed in a few hours. It took about a week for the whole house to have soft water. I would not want to miss it anymore, and do you want to know what my husband said? “The best thing we ever bought!”
No more limescale build up anywhere and cleaning the shower screen every day; my stainless steel sink only needs a quick wipe without any cleaning products and my dishwasher and washing machine only need half the amount of detergents. My kettle miraculously descaled itself within two weeks and even the cups of tea and coffee taste a lot nicer. We use half the amount of shampoo and shower gel and I cannot remember when I last used body lotion as my skin feels soft and smooth after a shower.”

Alexandra Recker – Fleet (Elvetham Heath Directory www.ehd.org.uk & Fleet Life  www.fleetlife.org.uk)

“Dear Mr Goody

Just to let you know that after six months of use with our new TwinTec S3 water softener you kindly supplied, we are delighted with the results.

The unit itself is totally maintenance free and runs silent all of the time and is extremely easy to refill with salt blocks – exactly as you told us at the time we were contemplating purchase.

Your service and the unit is excellent.”

John and Maggi – Fleet, December 2012

We are still pleased with the TwinTec Water softener you arranged for us approx 5 years ago and your friendly plumber was brilliant leaving our cupboard under the sink tidy and to our surprise even more spacious, The cleaning in the kitchen and bathroom is much easier with no hard water marks. We also always get quick delivery of salt after ordering them from you, thanks, making the maintenance of our water softener so easy.”
Jacqueline – Fleet, December 2012

“We decided to install a softwater system and were recommended Twin Tec by our plumber.  We contacted Kevin Goody and he responded very quickly with a quote for the system.  The installer, Rob, arrived promptly and did an excellent job managing to move pipes to enable us to fit the water softener and salt block unit under our sink.  This meant that we did not have to use any other cupboard space.  The salt block usage has worked out exactly as promised.  The benefits of having soft water have been excellent in terms of providing water that has improved dishwashing, clothes washing and provided a completely different experience when washing and bathing. 
After sales assistance has been first class – Kevin Goody has responded promptly to any queries we have had.  Rob the installer helped us with a problem which turned out to be unrelated to the water softener for which we were very grateful.  We have just received our second delivery of salt blocks very promptly.  So far, we are highly satisfied with the installation and back up service.”
Mr Chiappino, Fleet (Hants),  March 2012

“Before the TwinTec system I had 2 Culligan systems over nine years. Both these units used a lot of salt and were fairly loud when regenerating. I found them unreliable and both proved expensive to repair. Kevin installed the Twin Tec system for me 2 months ago and it really is very quiet and requires less salt. Yes it is more expensive then some other brands but it lives up to its promises. With the benefit of hindsight I wished I had spent the extra money 2 water softeners ago as it would have been cheaper option in the long run and a better product.
Mr Farrell, Fleet (Hants), February 2012