Guildford Tower

Guildford is well known as both a picturesque and historic town surrounded by a network of connected waterways. Unfortunately the local water supply is also known to be particularly hard.
If you live in or around Guildford, you may find that your water tastes a little odd or that you frequently need to de-scale your kettle and appliances.
If you are unsatisfied with this situation or simply want to find out how hard the water is in your area please simply fill in the site survey form.



What Our Customer Say…

We have been using the TwinTec water softener for many years now and have had these in the last 3 houses we have lived in.  They work well, are easy to keep stocked with salt and the service has been great.  The last time we moved house we enquired about installing a softener and it was installed the next day.  Excellent job!Roger, Guildford, November 2010