Jennetts Park in Bracknell is a new mini town and is one of the most prestigious developments in Bracknell, building started in 2006 and is still ongoing and it is estimated that there will be at least 1500 new homes built by several builders like Redrow Homes, Persimmon Homes and Charles Church, the development is excellent for families and even has its own school (Jennetts Park Primary School),and its own community Centre.

Opposite the development is a new estate called Wykery Copse which was built by Bloor Homes and completed in 2010.

In between Jennetts Park and Wykery Copse is the Peacocks Farm Pub/Restaurant with ample parking and fine food.

Kevin Goody (UK Water Softeners) has been dealing on the jennetts Park since it was first built and we now have several customers.

Jennetts Park suffers from hard water and Kevin Goody (UK Water Softeners) has been serving the community with The TwinTec S3 Water Softener, its small, has two cylinders, non electric and has Block Salt (like two housebricks) so no heavy 25kg bags to hump around.

If you would like to see how you and your Jennetts Park home can benefit from softened water either contact Kevin Goody on 01276 27924 or you can fill out a simple online form, you can obtain quick quotes and book a free-on-site survey to enjoy a whole new soft water experience.