Newbury town hall and marketplace

Newbury is known to be a hard water area and if you live in or around this area you may notice a large amount of scale build-up on your appliances or in your bathroom.

If you are unsatisfied with this situation or simply want to find out how hard the water is in your area please simply fill in the site survey form.


What Our Customer Say…

“I thought I would drop you a line to say just how delighted we are with the water softener installation. While we are still waiting for the huge hot water tank we have here to totally refill with soft water, we are already aware of the massive difference this will make. We actually get lather when we take a shower and our skin already feels softer.

As I told you when we met, I am always highly reluctant to get “trade’s people” into my house following a whole series of disasters and lack-lustre work quality. Your company is I have to say a breath of fresh air in this respect – not only is the product vastly superior to the competition, your unpressured sales approach and high quality service throughout the process were superlative in all respects.

Then there is your plumber Rob. I wasn’t sure whether the term “plumber” really does him justice – maybe ‘pipe artist’ would have been a better description given the guy’s obvious talent. His skill and experience were incredible and he came equipped with an veritable arsenal of fittings to resolve any install problems. He even re-plumbed our filtered water tap and we now have three times the water pressure we used to get! Considering we had quite a bit of re-plumbing, he finished the lot in an hour and a half to a standard which eclipsed the quality of the original plumbing. No leaks, no mess, no hassle. My only regret is not taking his business card for any work we might need in the house in future!

In conclusion, I would be happy to recommend your services to anyone and if you ever need assistance in securing a sale, get them to speak to me. Congratulations go to your company for uncompromised quality and service.”

Steve, Newbury, June 2011