Warfield in the Borough of Bracknell forest is split into two, there is the old part of the parish and in the 80’s many new housing estates were built in the new part such a Quelm Park, its an ideal location for families as there is a very high concentration of executive homes, everyone is catered for as there are many starter homes to, so there is plenty of scope to upgrade should you need to move due to the increasing size of your family.

Another development has been built called Warfield Park, which contains luxury Park Homes

There is a large Tesco store in the middle of the new part, and the area has excellent schools.

Being rural a stream runs through the parish called (the cut) which joins the river Thames at Bray.

The area does suffer from hard water and Kevin Goody (UK Water Softeners) has been looking after the residents of Warfield since he started his company over 19 years ago, he now has over 4500 customers.

He recommends the TwinTec S3 water softener manufactured by Harvey Water Softeners (est 35 yrs), which is twin cylinder, non electric and takes block salt (like two housebricks) so there are no heavy 25kg bags of salt to hump around, this means that the softener is one of the smallest in UK so will not take up to much cupboard space.

It you are interested in in finding out more about the benefits of soft water in your home contact Kevin Goody on 01276 27924 or complete one of the on-line forms for more information.