Block Salt is the easiest to load.

Adding block salt is simple, the softener has a transparent lid, which lets you see when a new block is needed and there is a red line in the salt chamber indicating when you need to put in new blocks.

sarahThe blocks of salt sit in 1 cm of water in the salt chamber dissolving slowly from the bottom. Once the salt drops to about a third of it’s size, another block can be placed on top. You will have soft water as long as there is some salt in the machine although the salt does not soften the water, it cleans out the limescale, the salt is clean, easy and safe and free of additives – it’s absolutely pure. Harvey’s Block Salt is the most convenient way to replenish salt as a normal softener has large, backbreaking 25kg bags to hump around, the block salt is the size of a house brick, each block weighs 4 kg – and comes in packs of two.
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