What are the running costs of a Water Softener?

They are much less than you might think, although the type of softener will influence its efficiency, making some softeners more efficient than others. Time operated softeners are perhaps the least efficient. It is meter controlled units that produce the most softened water, per pound of salt.

Some softeners also use electricity, while more recent equipment uses water power. Running costs are also closely related to the hardness of the local water supply and the amount of softened water used. Very hard water will make more demand on a softener and higher running costs will result. If water is used lavishly, costs will also rise marginally. As the parameters are so wide, it is difficult to give an accurate figure. Generally costs can vary between 15p and 30p per day. It will be found however that the running costs are far outweighed by the many advantages, benefits and cost savings obtained through using softened water.